Central to Sherre DeLys’ work across numerous domains are connecting through collaboration and listening––inner and outer––in service of shared creative resilience.

As an artist she develops creative projects to connect art and health for community wellbeing. Based in sonic arts and open-ended dialogue, her relational arts practice spans radio art, performance, and installation. Her work has been exhibited and performed at major museums and cultural centres internationally, and received several of the world’s most respected awards for radio storytelling and for sound design. Her experimentation with radio form is cited as an influence in the renaissance of radio storytelling internationally, and her breakthrough piece IF has moved beyond the radio and podcast sphere to serve as a springboard for dance and chamber orchestra.

An avid interest in collaboration has been at the heart of her career. For the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she co-founded a future focused and award-winning media sharing platform described by The Conversation as “an outstanding exercise that explored new ways for the broadcaster to listen to its audience and collaborate with them.” In the arts, she’s developed lasting artistic partnerships–– creating sound sculptures with artist Joan Grounds and sonic fictions with writer Rick Moody over many years, along with more ephemeral collaborations with a range of artists across theatre sound design and public artwork. Sherre has also worked with art and mental health specialists to provide mental health interventions outside the health sector. Teaching mindfulness, she works with various groups and individuals to find integration in creative practice and leadership, and resilience in the face of difficult experiences.

Drawing on her experience with deep listening, her practice led PhD research explores how we can thrive in uncertainty––resilient, creative, and connected. 

She is a former Australia Council New Media Arts Fellow, and Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellow. And for two decades she produced original creative non-fiction stories, soundscapes, and essays for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National and for WNYC. In this work she was also fortunate to produce the work of other artists in diverse forms– from Lou Reed and Hal Wilner’s Sydney Shuffle to a world of acoustic artists exploring radio form at the internationally acclaimed radiophonic studio, The Listening Room, at ABC. She’s also served as the Executive Producer of Music at RN, and hosted conversations for ABC TV.

Information about Sherre’s work in individual domains of practice is available on the pages of this website.


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“Through close listenings of material from a range of radio practitioners (Henri Chopin, Glenn Gould, William Burroughs, Christof Migone, Gregory Whitehead, John Oswald, Sherre DeLys, Antony Pitts, Bonnie Greer and Miguel Macias), author Martin Spinelli proposes a new, open-ended taxonomy for digital audio editing which expands our understanding of how the digital audio edit activates a novel relationship with a radio audience.”

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The visual artist, Joan Grounds, and the sound artist, Sherre DeLys, have been collaborating on site-specific sound installations since 1994.

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