Sound Sculpture | Sound Installation

Sherre collaborated with sculptor Joan Grounds for a decade, combining objects and sounds that enter into call and response with the environments they inhabit. DeLys & Grounds created sound sculptures for hospitals, botanical glasshouses, and museums, including the 6-metre ‘Gargalesis’ for the front lawn of Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney for Sydney Biennale 2004, and ‘Terra Mirabilus’ for the Centre for Visual Arts, Cardiff.

Collaborating with others she’s developed sound installations, including a major multi-site work across five Sydney ports for Sydney Olympics 2000 with architect Tim Williams.

Her compositions and documentary soundscapes have been exhibited or performed at Centre Pompidou, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Southbank Centre, Chicago Cultural Center, Sydney Opera House and elsewhere.

Photo Caption:
Objects and photo, Joan Grounds
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney | Sound in Space exhibition, Sydney MCA, 1995

In the tropical arc glasshouse a well-worn Billy* sings cooees, a long-distance shout used in the Australian Outback, while a Wok acts as a parabolic reflector projecting the calls toward visitors.

*Australian camping utensil

— Dough Kahn, RealTime Arts Magazine 1995

“The sound sculpted the air like so many leaf edges.”