Radio Art

Image: Recording a Burmese Spirit Medium, 2015

Sherre DeLys has created over 60 radio essays, stories, and soundscapes commissioned by national broadcasters, independent foundations and artist-run networks.

Whether spinning tales of wrecked adventurers, making music from shipping containers, listening in to what a cowgirl hears, or chronicling the moment-to-moment experience of changing desert light, her work has earned some of the world’s most respected radio awards for storytelling and sound design. Her piece IF is taught in media courses in USA, UK and Australia and shows up on regularly on lists of best radio and podcasts of all time.

— Jad Abumrad, Host Radiolab

“I listened to IF, and I think a lot of people of my generation who were there at the beginning and heard this piece probably had the same reaction. We all sat there spellbound.  There was something about the story that just flipped a switch for so many people. And I come back to it again and again. This was an entirely new voice on the radio. I’d never heard anything like this.”

— Prix Italia Jury 2015, on What a Cowboy Hears

“Symphonic soundscape that shows without telling”



— Julie Shapiro, Executive Producer Radiotopia

“I point to Sherre’s piece, Containers, as a milestone, I think it taught me to start listening in a different way.”



— John Biewen, Editor Reality Radio

“You never know what approach she’ll take, but the result is often breathtaking.”

Winner, Silver Award Best Documentary, Third Coast International Audio Festival, 2002.

By Sherre DeLys with sound engineering and design by John Jacobs, Ion Pearce cello and voice, featuring Andrew Salter.

A young patient reinvents his experience of  hospital through “what if?”

Winner, Grand Prix Sound Design,
Phonurgia Nova (FR)

by Sherre DeLys and Russell Stapleton.

A soundscape composed from sounds on working sites around Port Botany on a single day.

Special Mention, Prix Italia 2015

by Sherre DeLys and Hal Cannon, with sound engineering by Timothy Nicastri

A road trip across Texas to understand the relationship between the cultural and natural landscape through sound.

by Sherre DeLys with Chris Abrahams. An impressionistic rendering of Derek Jarman’s Garden.


by Sherre DeLys, music by Chris Abrahams, sound design Russell Stapleton. An American deep sea diver spins a tale of overcoming an ancient curse to find a sacred icon lost at the bottom a river for 400 years. Enter Sherre DeLys to further muddy the waters.

by Sherre DeLys, Chris Abrahams, and Ross Gibson. A pilgrimage to The Lightning Field meets a meditation on a wind farm – a sound work that collectively speaks to the power of grids to produce energy both aesthetic and electrical.

by Sherre DeLys and Rick Moody, with John Lurie. Follows the life of an imaginary radio station not bound my regulation or convention.

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